Monday, September 14, 2009

Cleaning House...

How did I accumulate all this stuff? I need an interior intervention! The sad part is that this is only my stuff from the basement. Ugh! I will finish with my stuff and then tackle Mack’s. Of course, only if I’m still sane! LOL

It’s so easy to collect “stuff” and much harder to let it go. Despite my best intentions I seem to accumulate small piles until suddenly I have to stop everything to toss and straighten up. I wish I could make it easier on myself and discard as I go but despite my best intentions things seem to somehow accumulate.

After this house cleaning, I know that I will feel much better. I’m borrowing ideas from “Clean House” the Show. Bringing everything out and then going through all the stuff and then putting the stuff into three different piles marked: Keep, Garage Sale, and Garbage.

I just hope that my “Keep” pile is relatively small compared to the other two piles.

After having a not so fun summer, I decided to make some changes in my life. Yes, I have a long way to go, but you must start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Right?

So, my first change has been to view myself as a spiritual house that needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. After a few dietary slips I eventually begin/an to pay a physical price, so I started working on this one awhile back, and it is working…slow but sure.

Second change, understanding that when I hold onto resentment, a hurt or a worry it takes a toll on my soul and mental health.

So, this is how I got where I am at today. We all need to keep a clean house, get rid of those cob webs and clear the air. Letting go makes room for new beginnings and frees whatever space we choose to inhabit.

What have I learned? Don’t wait too long between cleanings it’s much easier to do as you go along.

And finally…Find Something to Feel Good About Everyday!

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Barbara said...

Thanks for stopping by my Kinder site. I love that you actually commented!!!
Few people do and I wish they's fun to hear what you think!!
So thanks.
As for your
I have enjoyed looking around. Your yard is so can see that much love is put into the gardening. We live in Arizona so lush plants and nice gardens are so nice to look at:)