Friday, December 18, 2009


Last year I went down south for a Christmas gathering. After, everyone left my cousins, myself, and my friend went out to a local small town bar. It was fun, we had drinks and popcorn and played some pool. As we played pool, we started talking about the Santa that was sitting at the bar and how funny it would be if he would come over and sit on my friend, Becky's lap. Well, to my surprise when he turned around he had a Grinch mask on. Kind of strange, and not to mention scary looking. Non-the-less we got him to come over and we took this picture with him. So, I have been trying to figure out how to use the pictures I took that evening.

Thank goodness I like to stalk Ellen's blog, because she created a Grinch in punch art form. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her blog, because this is one woman that is truly blessed with a talent, and I consider myself to be truly blessed to be able to CASE her creations. LOL

So, here he is. I made up a 6 x 6 page for my punch creation book. So, friends I can say that I'm finally one step closer at getting my page done in my scrapbook. Yay! Have a good day and don't put your Grinch face on. Ha, ha, ha!

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