Thursday, November 20, 2008

Merry Christmas, Baby...

About a month ago the Cabala's Christmas catalog came in the mail and memories started flooding back to me. I started to recall how I spent hours as a child studying, circling, and wishing for toys from the Sears and JcPenney Wish Books. Were you one of them wishers, too? So, I paged through the catalog and started noticing some things that I would like to have. Of course, I circled the wanted goods and placed the size accordingly next to the product. After finishing I thought it was kind of fun reminiscing about years past. However, not much more thought went into it. So, about a week and a half ago I came home to find a small brown box on the kitchen floor. I figured Mack must have ordered more stuff for himself and left it at that. The next day he asked me if I got my package from UPS. I said "no, cause I'm not expecting anything". He told me to look again, cause the package was mine. So, I went and looked at the package and this is what I found.

My friends, this is huge. I couldn't hardly believe my eyes. I was speechless. The pair of sneakers that I had wished for, showed up at my door.

What a thoughtful jester. I think I'm going to have to start circling more items in catalogs and leave them laying around. Wink, wink. =) Have a good day everyone.

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