Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stamp Camp....

What a fun time I had the last two days. A group of us ladies got together to stamp, or as Peg's husband related to it as a "hen party", I just love that. I will have to remember that saying and start using it. We started out at school for a craft fair. I just love the sounds, aromas, lights and of course the vendors. I think this is my switch that gets turned on and says "lets get into the Christmas spirit". After partaking in the craft fair, we headed over to the old Sew-n-Sew building to begin our camp experience. Waiting for each of us was an adorable bag of goodies Peg made for us.

Inside my bag was chocolate, Kleenex, paper, and card candy...and of course all decorated so cute with the help from her Cricut. Way to go Peg, you ROCK!

I took a few pictures of different projects made by camp attendees. First, I would like to say that Diane, should receive an award for "most productive". Just look at all she did. Just amazing! Way to go Diane!

I did not get a chance to take a picture of Laurie's or Audrey's goodies that they made. However, they also deserve an award. AC you should get an award for "going home the most and bringing back stuff" and LS you should get an award for "bringing the most stuff and all the stuff everyone wants to use (or at least me =o)". Thanks for letting me use your stuff ladies. I appreciate your willingness to help a girl out.

I made a few projects and started a bunch more. My award should be for "starting something and then stopping and starting something new" =) Here is some pictures of the goodies that I made. I want to make more stocking boxes to put little trinkets that I have picked up for different kids. I think this will work perfect.

The last picture I have to share with you all is what Judy made. She gets the award for "thinking outside the box". She used different colors than the rest of us, and the outcome was fabulous. This holder would work great for hot chocolate or cider. Very cute!

So, thanks again Peg for all the fun and festivities! You definitely get the award for "best hostess in town".

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diane said...

Love all the posting you did from our hard day of work. It was lots of fun being together, enjoying the day and working so hard!!!