Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pinewood Derby Racing 2009

The Pinewood Derby is a highlight of the year for most Cub Scout packs, and I have to admit it is also a highlight for me. I can remember way back to the days that my brother was in Cub Scouts and raced his cars. Now, that my nephews are in Cub Scouts I get to look forward to this fun night once again. Watching and cheering for the brightly colored cars speeding down the track is very exciting. However, I think it is the life lessons that I admire the most. Like for instance: Kids and parents spending time together on a project, learning good sportsmanship, and/or just having a fun pack event.

The boys did a great job on their car's this year. They came up with the design and then their mom helped them cut out the cars and their dad helped with the weights and polishing the axles.

Bridger made his kit into a "foxy" truck. Unfortunately, he did not place in any heats, but he showed great sportsmanship. Great job, Bridgey!!

Connor, came up with a million dollar car. Pure gold folks, nah just kidding. He had it painted in a really neat gold color. Very shiny! Connor was not a happy camper at first. He did not win his first heat, so his dad added more graphite to it. His car did really good in the next couple of heats. It is so much fun to watch the cars when they are neck and neck. He ended up getting beat, but not by much at all. Only by a couple of PH's (lol). Job well done, Connor!

Gator, did a great job decorating his derby car. In fact, for being the youngest he ended up having the fastest car out of the three boys. It was really fun watching his car. He lost his heat only by a few centimeters. Very close! Awesome job, Gator!

The final races of the day were for adults. It was a lot of fun seeing the dads and moms race their cars. I had to laugh, cause my brother brought his car for show-n-tell from thirty-one years ago and ended up racing it. In fact, he ended up getting first place in his heat. How fun is that. So, I guess high mileage isn't always bad. =) Fantastic job, Jerry!

Thanks for a great day, fellows! I had a great time watching you guys race and look forward to next year already.

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