Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Spy....

So, I went and had my eyes checked the other day. It was a good visit. My eyes are doing good. So good in fact, that I noticed something. Here is the story. You see I can go two different routes when I go to the big city. Of course I'm a lot like clock work and chose to travel the same route on an almost daily basis. So of course you would think that I would have noticed a sign that is just southeast of my house.

Here is a picture of the sign.

What a great looking sign! Right? Well, not exactly. You see for the last decade (at least) I have been spelling my little town like this: PONSFORD. Did you notice the difference? I will give you a hint in case you missed it, look at the letter "d". Yep, I have been spelling it with only one "Dd". So, for a fraction of a minute it passed through my mind that "Oh, my gosh are you freaking kidding me?" There are two "d's" in Ponsford. Blondie moment? Perhaps! I'm not sure?

I like a good mystery. Don't you? So, I go down the road perhaps 500 feet at the most and notice this sign (the correct spelling).

What the world?!?! Yep, they made a new sign and they spelled it wrong. Hahahaha! That's funny! I'm not sure when they switched the sign, but the county is coming out to fix it. How can I tell? Well, you can see their fancy black writing on the back of the sign. This was not there before.

I think that I should have won a prize for noticing this. What do you think? Too funny! I hope you have an "I spy" moment of your own and soon. Take care and until next time.

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According to God's Plan! said...

You had me thinking I had misspelled it for years also.... glad it was their mistake, not ours :)