Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stamping and Card Making with Friends...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the whole day creating with a group of friends. We accomplished several things. The first thing I would like to show you is a cute little "bag in a box" these have been popping up allover the net. Have you seen them before? I gave this one to our hostess, Laurie. Her hospitality was outstanding. Evey aspect was covered: tasty food, comfortable accommodations, and a picturesque scenery. Thanks Laurie, you rock!

You can learn how to make this awesome creation at Stampin' With Diana and her blog address is

Another item you may have seen around is the "sour cream" containers. I learned how to make these the other day and let me tell you-they are super easy. All you need is some designer paper, some adhesive, candy and a crimper. Your designer paper measures 5 1/2" by 4 1/4". Put adhesive on the two long sides and then one short side. Roll the short side over on top of the other short side, will look like a toilet roll tube when done. Now pinch one of the ends together. Fill it with treats of your choice and then turn the holder and pinch the ends together. Stick the ends into a crimper and your done. Super easy! Super cute! You can make several of these in no time flat.

So what else did we make? Well I'm glad you asked. Let me show you. First we made a card box with 3 x 3 cards in it. I really liked making the box, but the little cards are really not my forte. I believe the idea came from Split Coast Stampers. Here is a picture of my box with cards.

The second item we made was a Halloween double pocket card. I really liked this card. I loved Laurie's stamp set she let me use.

The last item we made was a Hershey's chocolate bar holder. Unfortunately I don't have a candy bar, so I will have to wait to post this one. I had a great time and really look forward to another play date. Hint, hint girls. =)

Thanks for looking and happy stamping.

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lauire said...

I love your blog header! Thanks again for the bag-in-a-box! I plan to make some as soon as I can find the time. I loved the sour cream containers too. I'm so glad you showed us how to make them!