Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Carnival...

Yesterday was my big debut, being a "Fortune Teller". I think it went well, I'm not sure. Of course I was running late due to not wanting to leave the Pumpkin Party at Carters. Man, I had a good time there. Anyhow, I arrived at the school just after 1:30 and really I was supposed to be there and dressed before then. Whoops. So I go to the staff bathroom thinking that would be a great place to dress because it is bigger than the girls bathroom with the stalls and such. Well I was so into getting my costume out of my bag that I did not hear the janitor fussing with the door and well "hello". Yup, this bathroom is already spoken for. If you could knock next time that would be great. That way we don't have to schedule a preshow. LOL I'm sure it's nothing the poor guy hasn't already seen. Once dressed I make my way to the Cafeterioum and I'm totally shocked how awesome everything is. I really wanted to go around to the different stations and play the games. I just couldn't believe my eyes how many people volunteer and help out.

Just amazing!

Arriving in the cafeterioum and finding my booth. Oh, you should have seen it. It was amazing. It was all decked out in black and purple material and it had candles and a black cat. Absolutely awesome. Someone even let me borrow their electric lighting ball. This totally made the whole thing. I got a kick out of watching the kids look into the thing. Totally mesmerizing for some. I think I could have told them anything and they would have believed it, cause they were so into looking at the ball that I don't even think they heard a word I was saying. How funny.

I do have to say that my three years of subbing definitely payed off a little bit in this gig. It was nice knowing a lot of them and gaging stuff off our conversations. I even had a few adults try it out. That was fun. One boy was asking his mom how I knew so much as they walked away. He couldn't believe that I knew stuff that was actually true. I was a bit amazed, myself. His mom was amazed too, I think. I guess I use to talk to the students too much sometimes, but really I think that is important and well it did pay off. One little girl told me I wasn't real. I told her well I'm caring on a conversation with you aren't I. Then she comes back and tells me "well you don't even have real hair." It was funny then I called her by name and that actually made her mad. What a turkey. I thought it was funny, because really I know her parents well and so I can't wait to say something to them. I think they will think it is funny.

All in all I had a great time. Watching the kids with their overflowing sacks of goodies and their smiles made it an awesome day. I'm really glad that I volunteered. Oh, and sorry that I don't have any pictures. I know! Bummer! My batteries in my camera died and I even had spares and they didn't work. I have been having issues with the poor thing since I dropped it the other day. I hope that I get it working back to normal real soon. I am working on getting some pictures though and I will post them as soon as I get them.

I hope you are had great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't there but heard you did an awesome job and look so authentic!!!!